About Us

The Children and Adolescents’ Ministries Department of the South Caribbean Conference (SCC) purpose is to instill ethical, moral, and spiritual values in the lives of the children from age Infant to Adolescent, that enables them to become strong disciples for Jesus while here on earth as well as equipping them for citizenry in Heaven.

Strategic Goals

Our strategic goals and activities have been planned with a vision to foster the spiritual, emotional, physical, social, and psychological development of our children within the South Caribbean Conference; which will further transcend into the several communities where there are SDA Congregations/Members.

We intend to strategically achieve these goals by conducting various programs and events as outlined in our Calendar of Events.

As a result, our strategic objectives are as follows:

  • Providing parents with the necessary skills
  • Assisting parents and children with the use proper of technology for positive personal development
  • Creating support systems for our children
  • Encouraging children to have healthy relationships
  • Facilitating our Parents and Adolescents’ through their various developmental stages