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The administration of the conference consists of three officers: President, Executive Secretary and Treasurer.

They chair different institutional committees in various areas such as Education, Health, Publishing, Administration, etc. They are elected to serve a four year period ( Quadrennium ).

Meet our administrators elected for the period 2019-2023.


Pastor Leslie Moses


The president gives general direction and oversight to all aspects of the Adventist work within the boundaries of the Conference, by meeting with members, pastors, churches, schools, affiliate ministries and other organizations.

The President is also the Adventist Laymen’s Services and Industries (ASI) Coordinator for the 2019-2023 quadrennium.


Pastor Paul Philbert


The office of the executive secretary is responsible for maintaining the official records, actions, constitution, and membership of the Conference. It provides guidance to its constituent and churches on policies and procedures of the church.


Dr Yvette Peters


The office of the treasurer is charged with the management of all organizational financial resources ensuring continued financial and operational health, while providing guidance to institutions and constituents on matters of prudent christian stewardship.

The treasurer also functions as the Corporation Manager.

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