Six baptised from children's crusade

POSTED : 09 Nov 2020

The Children & Adolescent Ministries Department of the Conference recently concluded its children & adolescence crusade that lasted for one week from the period Oct 23rd to Oct 30, 2020.  Coming out of this event six persons were baptized to the glory of God.

Under the theme 'Faith on a Mission,'  the eight children delivered messages of hope and peace during the online ministry event. All speakers were age 15 and under, with the youngest being 9. The online programs were well received with an average of over 2000 views. The children spoke on a range of topics such as:

  • Faith as a mustard seed
  • The most powerful secret weapon
  • Faithful until then
  • Vessels of Honor
  • Key to Faith
  • Your faith in God
  • The shield of faith vs fiery darts
  • Ignite your faith in God

According to the Children and Adolescent Ministries Director, Pastor Ruslyn Farfan, this was a collaborative effort with the local Trinidad Chapter of ASI. Four speakers were submitted by ASI and the others by the Department.  This resulted in a geographic spread of the speakers with three of the children speakers from central Trinidad and one from the deep south of Trinidad. The entire series can be followed on the SCC YouTube channel. We give Almighty God thanks for the Children and their ministry.

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