Family Ministries holds memorable one week morning series

POSTED : 20 Sep 2020

The Family Ministries Department of the South Caribbean conference concluded it's one week program on Sabbath 12th September 2020.

This program was different from other online broadcasts as the live stream was presented in the early mornings for a six-day period from Sunday 6th, September. According to Pastor Sampson, the Family Ministries Director of the South Caribbean Conference,  "it was a deliberate intent to challenge the family to return to the early morning worship experience". This would have evoked memories for those who've enjoyed early morning Week of Prayer, a feature of the '70s and '80s within the Caribbean Union.

Pastor Sampson also stated the three main intent of the program was to:

  • highlight the importance of the home and family to God
  • highlight God's pattern for the family and his principle for blessing in the home
  • challenge modern trends that endanger the Christain family and home

The program featured short devotional segments and the response to the series was very 'positive and engaging'. These devotionals can be found on the Conference's YouTube channel.

The series was brought to a grand close with a sabbath program. The sermon was delivered by Ps. Sampson after introductions and remarks by the Conference President, Pastor Leslie Moses.

The COViD-19 Pandemic has resulted in disruptions, but we give thanks to God for his blessings as the church impacts not just Trinidad but the world with new avenues of ministry.

The Family Ministries Department expresses gratitude to the Women's Ministries Department, the Media Department and all others who contributed to this event. 

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