Churches in Trinidad ordered closed once again

POSTED : 19 Aug 2020

Churches in the South Caribbean Conference are ordered closed again. This   order is part of the Government's strategy due to the recent surge in CoVID-19 cases. The nation has seen a dramatic increase in new coronavirus cases since mid July after almost two months with less than 10 new cases. There has been a sharp rise with over 580 reported cases at time of writing. ( Source Google COVID-19 live tracker )

On Saturday 15th August, 2020 at a Government held Press Conference, churches were among the entities affected by the recent closure order. This new order is expected to last for 28 days. It was reported that several Adventist churches may have been affected as part of the Government's contact tracing initiative. 

For many members, the second order closure, while understandable, is a hard one. Several members have taken to social media bemoaning the absence of 'fellowship joy' and welcome the return to corporate worship even as strict social distancing and sanitization protocols were enforced. 

Several churches and Conference Departments now offer online services and programs and it is expected that these services will continue, until resumption of service. All members are encouraged to keep our national leaders and our nation in prayer as we all deal with the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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