Online Services Guides

In an effort to ensure that our online church services are professionally prepared, we encourage you to follow the guidelines provided hereunder.

  1. Record your segments in advance. Use the rear camera on cellphones for better quality. Please use best quality equipment available DSLR VIDEO CAMERA & CELLULAR PHONES. Videos are to be recorded in LANDSCAPE MODE in accordance with broadcast standards. (this method will give full screen display).
  2. Have you Camera/Phone at eye level or .just above eye level. (Avoid low angles that look up into nostrils or under the chin). Use Books or boxes to obtain the desired height if tripod is not available for camera. Look at the CAMERA LENS and not AT THE SCREEN. In this way your are looking at the viewers.
  3. Use the rear camera on cell phones for better quality. Do recording in a quiet location with reduced ambience/noise. Plain background is preferred. Attach a microphone to your device for better sound quality. If this is not possible, get closer to the device. Avoid empty rooms which create echoes.
  4. Lights: Don't sit directly in front of a bright light source, the audience will only see the bright light and shadowy figure. Experiment with moving the lamp and your camera until you can see your brightly-lit face on the screen.
  5. Record segments in advance. (e.g. Music, Special Features and Playback Segments to be aired during the live show) No tracks or pre-recorded music. Live singing with instruments. Copyright free music is to be utilized for broadcast. N.B. Due to copyright issues with YouTube, we encourage music ministers to AVOID the use of track music.
    ALL PARTICIPANTS must dress appropriately for recording. NO SLEEVELESS, ARMHOLES, LOW NECKLINE.
  6. Have your participants on set ahead of the scheduled start for a final briefing before the production.
  7. Microphones must be muted when YOU ARE NOT LIVE to ensure quality audio for your viewers.
  8. Refrain from distributing your ZOOM Meeting Identification and Passwords via Facebook and WhatsApp. SHOULD THIS INFORMATION FALL INTO THE WRONG HANDS, YOUR PROGRAMME CAN BE HIJACKED.
  9. TO AVOID THIS SITUATION, send out emails inviting your participants to join the ZOOM MEETING. Subsequently, the programme can be linked to the YouTube or Facebook Accounts.