Come join us for worship! We encourage you to fellowship at one of our services.

Sabbath worship services

Our day of worship is Saturday, which is called the Sabbath. Services typically start at 9:15 am and consists of two sections, Sabbath School and Divine Hour.

  • SABBATH SCHOOL. This is a time when classes are offered for more in-depth Bible study, open group discussions,  Christian fellowship for the adults and songs, Bible stories and activities are provided for the various age groups.
  • DIVINE HOUR. This is the time when the sermon is delivered by the church pastor, a visiting minister or a church leader. For those of our friends who cannot make it to a full Sabbath celebration, we encourage you not to miss this part of the service!

Weekly services

During the week we provide an opportunity for strengthening your Christian experience and fellowship with these options.

  • SUNDAY EVENING. Typically an evangelistic type of service. It varies from church to church. Visit a church near you for more information on start times and service content.
  • WEDNESDAY EVENING. This is the time for spiritual refreshing, and service focus is on prayer.

Other services

  • OPEN AIR SERVICES. These are services held within the community. It is an engaging event where community members are invited to stand or sit and just be a part of.
  • CRUSADE SERVICES. Join us for these services held under the tent within the community or a church. This type of service is typically an outreach program where community members are invited to learn more about God.

Joining our faith

You're never too old to become an Adventist! But the decision should be your own, and you must make it thoughtfully, with an understanding of how it will affect your life.

The information on this website can help, or you may wish to talk to a minister of a local Adventist church. We can arrange for a local church minister to contact you. Simply email us your contact details. We will respect your privacy.

  • Initial decision - Remember, only you can make this decision. This is a simple step, but it sets the framework for how to approach the next step.
  • Further study - Adventists value the study of the Bible. It is an important aspect of our faith because we base all our beliefs on what the Bible teaches.
  • Making the decision - Jesus Christ accepts all people despite their circumstances. You are never too unworthy to become a Christian. When you believe in Him and allow His teachings and His love to influence you, you will experience a positive transformation in your life.
  • Baptism - The concept of baptism is not new. Jesus was baptized to show He was making the choice to serve God, His Father. Baptism involves the physical immersion of your body under the water. Is is a symbol of a new life. The next step is to enjoy your life with Jesus.


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