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SCC Health Ministries' from "Plant to Plate a culinary success"

POSTED : 01 Apr 2021

The Conference Health Ministries Department recently concluded a culinary training program on Sunday, March 8, 2020. The virtual program was a collaborative effort with the Caribbean Health Institute of Dietetics (CIND) captioned “From Plant to Plate”, which was targeted to Chefs and others in the Food Preparation and Restaurant Industry.

According to Sis Victoria Decoteau, Health Ministries Secretary of the Conference “this was not the usual cooking program for those interested in healthy cooking”. She further stated that the event was targeted to “food industry professionals and demonstrated attractive and engaging vegan cooking concepts and food preparation techniques”. The Health Ministries Secretary and her team indicated the program feedback was “extremely positive”.

Over 50 persons attended the virtual event. At the time of writing this was the first paid online event within the Conference. Presentations and greetings were offered by Ps Leslie Moses, Conference President after which were several sessions from various health professionals within the Caribbean Union area.  Mrs Esther Selman - Dietitian/Health Educator on the topics “General Nutrition – Dietary Guidelines”, “Special Gourmet – Vegan Options to add to the Menu” and “Cooking Demo –From Plant to Plate”. Mrs Selman also provided and facilitated a segment “Let’s Get Physical”. Mrs Selman is an experienced American certified, health professional with over 20 years of practice.

Barbadian, Dr Elliot Douglin is no stranger to the healthy living lifestyle. This Medical Doctor provided an engaging presentation on Prescription Health entitled “Scientific Evidence for Plant-Based Nutrition in Promoting Good Health”. Other presentations were made by Food Scientist, Dr Cheryl Rock on the topic “Food Safety and Food Security” and Dietitian/Health Educator Ms Stacia Whittaker on the topic ‘Is Soy Dangerous?’. A major segment of the program was The Science of Plant-Based Nutrition by Registered Dietitian, Ms Stacia Whittaker, who also presented a practical session on Healthier Cooking Solutions. One feature of Caribbean cooking is the heavy use of herbs and to spice up the program there was a Cooking Demo –“Seasoned with Herbs” by Mrs Glencil Taylor Registered Dietitian.


The program was a one-day event, but the Health Ministries team shared that given the success of this program there is a need for this to be ‘expanded and improved. Please visit the Health Ministries page for general resources available after this program. 

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