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Men's Ministries Convention 2021 hailed a success

POSTED : 18 Jul 2021

The Men's Ministries Department and the Better Men Movement held their annual Men's Conference on Sabbath July 3rd, 2021. As for the previous year, the event was held online and attracted over 1000 live online views.

According to Pastor Wayne Sampson Men's Ministries Director, "the stated objectives for this year's program was very simple yet were effectively met". 

These were: Understanding the Heart of a man, Helping men to understand and come to grips with the ‘story’ that shapes his perception and attitude to life, To equip men to embrace how their past has affected their present and prepare them to deal with whatever the future may hold.

The theme for this year was ‘The Kiss of death – The secret sins of pornography' where the effects of pornography on the mind, body, and Soul was discussed. Areas under discussion included coping and quitting and the impact of pornography. The facilitator for the Evening was Elder Dr Wilny Audain, no stranger to the Men of the South Caribbean Conference as he was a facilitator on a similar topic a few years ago.

The evening program began with a group rendition of A few Good Men. The hosts for the evening session were Harry Balcarran and Junior Lett of 107.1FM.  Some of the comments include 'wonderful, timely, relevant, 'a most informative program', '​I believe there is a cure for any and all addictions' and 'God gives us the power to be overcomers'.

The prayer of dedication was given by Youth Director, Pastor Wayne Jeffrey. The program is available on the SCC's Youtube channel and can be accessed here.

Pastor  Sampson expressed satisfaction with the program and took the opportunity to encourage all men to be a part of the next major event on the Mens' Ministries Calendar, 'Boots on the ground'.

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