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Local Conference participate in End it Now global initiatives.

POSTED : 11 Sep 2021

The Women and Men & Family Ministries Departments of the Conference recently concluded it joint #enditnow virtual program under the theme "Together We Can Make It” on August 28, 2021.

Enditnow® is an initiative of the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist church, and for the past several years has its own day on the annual calendar of events at varying levels of the Church. This is the day the church collectively says NO To Violence on the special emphasis day coined as #EndItNow.  The Adventist Church’s position is we need a special day for this

  • Because there is still domestic violence, including in Christian families. 
  • Because there are so many more who still do not understand the message of NO TO VIOLENCE.
  • Because we need more persons with the right tools to help those who are in danger.

This is an annual event on the Adventist calendar where the Church addresses the issue of all violence, not just against women, but against males and children.

<p">This year, the one-day program was provided in two segments the morning session which was conducted over with the regular Sabbath school and divine over times and the evening session which featured a panel discussion. The host for the morning program was brother Harry Balkaran and Sis Mary Edmund Sankar. In his address, the Conference President Pastor Leslie Moses shared that “domestic violence is sadly something we have too often gotten accustomed to, and for many, it is second nature to be abusive. We are saying no end it now!”

During the morning session, a number of engaging testimonies were presented by “David” and  “Julie” demonstrating that domestic violence can be perpetrated against both men and women.  The featured speaker was Sis Lebrech Hesse-Bayne.  The evening session was hosted by the participating director's Ps Wayne Sampson and Ps Ruslyn Farfan.

We encourage all members to review, like and subscribe to both YouTube videos available on our YouTube channel.

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