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Letting God Lead

POSTED : 21 Mar 2021

Mrs Aniqueka Moulton is a native of Trinidadian who was awarded one of two Nursing in Practice awards in the US state of Wyoming. This prestigious award is given to only a few; you can find out more about this by following the link below.

CARU Communications reached out to Mrs Moulton who shared an interesting story of how God has led in her life. She was specific that her wish is for the youths who are struggling with faith to trust God in the leading of their lives. This is Mrs Moulton’s story as she shared during our phone call. 

Aniqueka indicated that she was always involved in church work; her late father was an elder in the St Helena Seventh-day Adventist Church in Trinidad. Service in the church was part of her life and indeed she describes this as her 'first training ground in leadership and interpersonal communication'.

After graduating from the University of the West Indies, she shared that working a regular '9 to 5' in the Trinidad and Tobago labour market was not fulfilling and there was a need to start looking for something else. She came across an advertisement to teach English in Mexico and after much prayer she took the opportunity to do so, thus beginning the next chapter of her life.

This was done at CMS, a missionary centre in Galconia Mexico. Even this move was a result of prayer and not knowing anyone nor where she was going, was all a move of faith.

Among the text that provided strength throughout this time was Isaiah 55:2.

She recalled a prayer by a friend whose earnest supplication to God was that He would bless in all her endeavours. She reported that the CMS experience included exposure to health but it wasn't until she met a medical professional whom she has embraced as a mentor that a passion for health service was born.

With a one-year contract completed and relying on God she applied to the University of Montemorelos and received a call to pursue the Masters in Public Health (MPH) program. Much of her funding was done by working on campus. She shared a few stories of the tree which became a seminal point life in Mexico. It was often the only place she would get reception to make phone calls to family in Trinidad and to a friend in Jamaica who later became her husband.

Returning to Trinidad after completing her MPH course of study she could not find a job.  Her breaking point was a job interview in a local government agency. Even in her reflections, one could feel her angst as there was tepid acceptance of her graduate qualifications as most of the interviewers' questions were about her graduate degree program. It must have rankled in her spirit as she specifically stated that the then Chief Medical Officer (CMO) at the time told her that she 'could apply for work as a clerk' which pretty much was what they considered her MPH was worth. This resulted in her just accepting the first job offer, a short stint at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine campus, in an office.

Leaving Trinidad again with the intention to go to Mexico her story took an interesting turn while in the US. While sharing the story, she had a chuckle in her voice. It turned out that accepting a Sabbath lunch invitation at a home in California, she and a friend ended up at the wrong address. Rather than correct course they were invited to stay at the 'wrong address'. But God was leading and from this home, she was introduced to Adventist Health International and the opportunities for Missionary service. By God's design, this was the right address as it pointed her in the direction of Adventist Health International which catapulted her to a Missionary stint in Haiti. It was this experience that got her passionate about Nursing and returning to the United States decided to pursue an accelerated program in Nursing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

She is now an Employee in the University of Wisconsin-Madison Health system as an Intermediate Care Nurse. Even in the leading of God and this story of faith, there are moments where racism is encountered. Yet there is an employee resource group that offers support for staff. 

She was nominated for one of the three categories in which nurses could receive recognition. The areas are Nursing in Practice, Innovation, and Leadership. Two nurses were selected from both areas for the award with over 60 persons being nominated.

She thanks God for this experience and for the opportunity to share with the Adventist Youths in Trinidad and Tobago that 'if they only put God first, He will lead'. Her advice to all youths is to 'be a person of service, to be a servant and have a love for God. He will absolutely open all your doors. 

Photo credit: Madison Magazine.

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