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Adventist Campmeeting 2022. A members' perspective

POSTED : 21 Oct 2022

The announcements had gone out. The social media posts on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok promoting Camp Meeting 2022 had been shared. The day, the moment was finally upon us. 

The days leading up to the event held at the USC Auditorium were busy for both the South Caribbean Conference (SCC) and some University of the Southern Caribbean (USC) staff but punctuated by moments of prayer. It was a spiritual event and only God could lead.

I was travelling to work on campus on Wednesday 1st October 2022  but  Providence allowed my travel mates to be three senior members 'going up the Valley' heading to the USC for the opening of Campmeeting. After pleasant courtesies were exchanged, the conversation among my travel mates was punctuated with effusive thanks to God for His mercies in being able to attend a major church event in person. I saw one of them again another day. The elderly ladies were clearly doing more than merely supporting a church program: this was a reflection of the old normal. They were all fully masked but into the Campmeeting event.

In the height of restrictive lockdowns, many churches were closed and while the younger members would still move around, many of the elderly were limited to church-related activities they could attend. Camp Meeting surely was a breath of freshness.

The opening ceremony on Wednesday 28th September was a sound-filled extravaganza: drums, horns and more. The marching band was doing its thing at the Street Parade on campus. Booths were opened and later in the evening the main devotional speaker Dr Nicardo Delahaye shared an inspiring message. We did not forget the youths as our very own Paster Earl Baldwin Jr was the speaker for the youth-focused presentations. Both devotional speakers were dynamic. Visit our YouTube channel for all the recorded sessions. 

On Sabbath 1st October 2022 it was a full house as many came to the last day of the program. One thing was clear, many enjoyed the sense of normalcy, hearing a word from God and then enjoying lunch around various points of the campus. It truly was a wonderful day and many stayed well into the sunset for the Sabbath evening session.

The Conference administration, Directors and Staff should take a bow for a Sabbath day well spent, but also for a Camp Meeting program several commented to me 'it was a blessing'.

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