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Our schools prepare young people for success in the 21st century and beyond. We welcome applications from students across our conference.

All enrollments are made on the understanding that the student and parents support the ethos and philosophy of our schools and church and consequently aid us in maintaining these principles in our schools. Need and application form? get one here or  download our enrollment guidelines and policies.





Cumana SDA Primary

Punch Street, Cumana

670 – 1189

Glenda Harry-Nero (*)

Erin SDA Primary

Los Iro, Erin


Kathleen Prince

Maracas SDA Primary

Maracas Royal Road, St. Joseph

645 – 9848

Charmaine Brisbane (*)

Pinehaven SDA Primary

La Resource Road, South D’Abadie


Linda Tobias

Point Fortin SDA Primary

Mainfield Road, Point Fortin

648 - 1961

Glennis Mc Dowell

Port-of-Spain SDA Primary

47 Belmont Circular Road, Belmont

623 – 9130

Mystie Cato

Rio Claro SDA Primary

26 ¾ ML Nap/Mayaro Rd., Rio Claro

644 – 2615

Judy Callender-Phillip

San Fernando SDA Primary

Pouchet Street, San Fernando

652 – 5777

Evelette Fourniller (*)

San Juan SDA Primary

Mission Road, San Juan

638 – 3600

Althea Pierre-Isaac (Ag.)  (*)

Sangre Grande SDA Primary

Ojoe Road, Sangre Grande

668 – 3666

Beverley Mc Pherson (*)

Siparia SDA Primary

7 Station Street, Siparia

649 – 2127

Muirland Saney

Wesport SDA Primary

Chow Quan Avenue, Diego Martin

637 – 1146

Casford Francis

Secondary Schools





Bates Memorial High School

Foster Road, Sangre Grande

668 –5581/ 3128

Catherine Walcott (Ag)

CUC Secondary

Maracas Royal Road,
St. Joseph

696 – 0932/ 33

Leslie Hislop

Southern Academy

Palmiste Branch Road, Duncan Village, La Romain

657 – 8012/ 652 – 0991

Avette Allen

Early Childhood Centers




Pinehaven ECC 

La Resource Road, South D’Abadie          

642 – 0965/ 341 – 5203

Cumuto                       (church Compound)

Cumuto Main Rd., Cumuto

740 – 1032/Contact Pastor

Torrib Trace ECC       (church Compound)

112 Torrib Trace New Grant

688 – 2001/ Contact Pastor

Marabella ECC           (church Compound)

Amarsingh Street, Marabella

499-4956/ 720-1435

Tabaquite ECC           (church Compound)

Main Road, Tabaquite

351 – 6426/ Contact Pastor

Flanagin Town ECC    (church Compound)

1 Scott Trace, Flanagin Town

762 – 9984/ Contact Pastor

Health Facilities

The Adventist Church operates a global network of private health services. In Trinidad, the following institutions and services are provided.

Community Hospital of Seventh-day Adventists
Western Main Road, Cocorite, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad
P.O. Box 767; Port of Spain, Trinidad.
Phone: (868) 622-1191/2

Centre for Health Promotion and Wellness

P.O. Box 767; Port of Spain, Trinidad; Trinidad and Tobago.


Balandra Camp Facility
Western Main Road, Cocorite, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad
P.O. Box 767; Port of Spain, Trinidad; Trinidad and Tobago.
Email :

Credit Union

South Caribbean Conference Credit Union
Corner Deane Street and Eastern Main Road, St.Augustine, Trinidad. (main office)
Corner Rushworth and Gomez Streets, San Fernando, Trinidad (branch office)
Phone: (868) 657-6022
Fax: (868) 657-6022