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Bible study is a vital element of christian growth. Youths want to study the Bible, but often know not where to begin. Have you been looking for bible studies for children or youth? Below are some of the bible studies that are available. For more information visit the youth department's website.

Links for Youth Bible Study

  1. 41 Bible studies for teens
  2. Come alive with Jesus & stay alive with Jesus
  3. Cool news about God's truth/cool news for kids
  4. Creative bible studies for young adults
  5. Evangelism for youth
  6. Fearless bible investigators
  7. G.A.T.E. bible studies youth workbook
  8. Interactive bible study manual
  9. Kidsbibleinfo.com
  10. Sharing Brochures
  11. The Kidz Amazing Bible Lessons
  12. Walking on the Edge (Participant's Book)
  13. WhassupintheWord
  14. Primary Treasurer - For our little children

Seeking to know more about God's plan for your life? We've provided a collection of online bible study tools that you can use in the confort of your home. If you would like a visit from our bible workers.

If you don't own a bible, there are several free online versions of the Bible to read:

  1. The BibleGateway
  2. BiblioInfo
  3. Online Bible

Other resources that you can use to find out more of God and His Word.

  1. If you are new to the bible
  2. Biblebay
  3. Sabbath School
  4. Biblical Research Institute
  5. GeoScience Research Institute
  6. HopeTalk.org
  7. Discover bible studies
  8. Word sight
  9. Discover Bible Lessons


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